It’s All in a Tiny Little Seed, How Miraculous!!

It’s All in a Tiny Little Seed, How Miraculous!!

seedA seed. Any type of seed.

Within its outer shell lies its true potentiality. Sometimes we don’t even know what type of seed it is. It is only after cultivating the soil, planting the seed, and giving it everything it needs (like the sun, water, nutrients, and fresh air), that it can grow to its full potential. And so it is with human life. We are all born just like that seed. Within our outer skin lies our true potentiality – perfect, whole and complete. And it is through love, a sense of belonging, nourishing and whole foods, clean water, fresh air, exercise and an inner self-belief and trust that we may grow to our full potential.

Life is such a sacred gift.

The great mythologist, writer, and lecturer, Joseph Campbell, once said,

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Seeds of Growth:

seedIt’s all in a tiny little seed, how miraculous!!

Recently one of TDI’s employees came in with a bag of organic cucumbers from her garden that she was kind enough to share with the office. She was so proud of herself because she was able to grow the cucumbers from the seeds. From a couple of tiny

From a couple of tiny seeds, cucumbers were produced. I held the cucumber and could feel that it was a live, living food. It is a beautifully simple thing, but I found it profound.

She provided the proper environment, the proper water and exposed it to sunlight, etc. and the cucumber grew. The cucumber didn’t think about whether or not it wanted to grow or whether or not it wanted to be a cucumber. It just did as God intended it to do. It is what it is without any apologies or judgment and with complete acceptance.

If a cucumber has this capability, then what is possible for human beings?

What if all humans everywhere had their God given basic rights of life provided….healthy, nutritious food, clean, pure water, sunlight, and shelter. What would we be capable of, given this nourishing environment? Everything has been encoded in us just like in the cucumber seed; we have all the right stuff inside. How can we bring to fruition that which was planned for us when we were created?

How is it that so many people not only don’t reach their potential but in fact are struggling just to survive?

So many people on the planet are starving, homeless, suffering from chronic, debilitating illnesses and addicted to food, alcohol, and drugs, etc. I personally do not think that this is what our lives were intended to be. I believe we all were meant to live joyful, prosperous, fulfilling lives.

What happened, where did we go wrong and the bigger question is what are we going to do about it?

I guess, like always, it comes back to our own personal responsibility to not only take care of ourselves but to take care of each other and our beautiful Mother Earth. There are many grass roots movements that are gaining lots of momentum and affecting change. It starts with the seed of a thought that change is possible. The idea is nurtured and cultivated and shared with others. It begins to grow and blossom and expand and before you know its change takes place.


Our “spotlight” writer and August 23rd webinar speaker, Christina Veselak, is going to shed some light on how we can create and maintain vibrant health. The title of her webinar is: “Feed Your Brain First: Using Amino Acid and Nutrient Therapy to Effectively Address Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Addiction without Medication.” Register here.

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Be a seed of change…root yourself…express the gifts that only you can give. ~ Liesha

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