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Health Through Awareness

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Empowering individuals to become proactive in their lifestyle choices to maximize their well-being.

Our primary thermographic testing site is in Marlton, NJ with satellite locations throughout NJ, NY, PA, and DE.  For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 856-596-5834. 

Medical Thermography

Thermography uses infrared technology to provide an image of the body’s physiological responses. It does so without the use of radiation, contact or other invasive means. There are no risks or side effects of the test.

Safe Early Detection

It is well documented in all fields of medicine that the earliest detection leads to the best outcome. Thermography offers a safe means of early detection.

TDI News & Events

TDI Adds New Thermography Testing Locations

We've added four new Thermography testing locations for your convenience! Click here to view the dates for each location. New Reading Site Ampersand Integrated Wellness7 ... Read More

Eating Seasonally

Eating locally grown food in accordance with the seasons will help you live in harmony with yourself, your body, and the earth ... Read More

Thermography: A Non-Invasive Breast Health Risk Assessment Tool

Sunday, October 16 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm join us for a free Lecture by Dr. Philip Getson titled Thermography: A Non-Invasive Breast Health ... Read More

Why Choose TDI?

All thermographic images are interpreted by Philip Getson, D.O. who founded TDI in 1982 and has been certified by four thermographic boards. He is widely considered an expert in the field of thermography.

Click here to watch “A Breast Health Risk Assessment Tool” video on YouTube.

Medical Thermography images