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Silver Lining - COVID-19 Quarantine

Finding the Silver Lining in the Covid-19 Quarantine

Covid-19 Quarantine - Without a doubt, life as we know it has been interrupted. Covid-19 Quarantine - We think twice ...
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What is Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging

What is Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging?

What is Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging? Although controversial in its early days, with increased technological advances in thermal imaging cameras and ...
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Coronavirus Notice

Heightened Precautions Implemented

In lieu of recent events regarding the Coronavirus, we at Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging have implemented heightened precautions regarding our work ...
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Elsie Kerns Thermography Interview 3-25-2020

Health Benefits of Thermography Interview

Elsie Kerns interviews Dr. Philip Getson and his wife, Liesha about the benefits of Thermography. Thermography utilizes state of the ...
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10 Tips to be Authentic and Peaceful during the Holidays

Somehow we allow the expectations and demands of our family members to be the source of so much unhappiness and ...
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