Thermography News

Thermography News

Harmful Effects of Sugar

The Harmful Effects of Sugar

The Harmful Effects of Sugar - Are you still in search of a resolution for 2022? How about something simple: ...
how to eat healthy (1200 x 628 px) (1)

Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Healthy Eating for the Holidays - The holiday season is fast approaching and we all know what that means...turkey, stuffing, ...
Safe Sunscreen Guide 2

Safe Sunscreen Guide

Summer time means BBQ's, pool parties, and long sunny beach days. With so many outdoor activities, our exposure to the ...
TDI Inflammation

Reduce Your Inflammation with Healthy Food Choices

Reduce your inflammation with healthy food choices - What often begins as an occasional feeling of stiffness in joints or ...
Exploring Neuromuscular Thermography

Exploring Neuromuscular Thermography

Over 4.5 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, finding the source of recurring pain can be a frustrating process, ...