Traditional Chinese Medicine and Breast Health

Traditional Chines MedicineTraditional Chinese medicine has been benefiting individuals for thousands of years. From massage therapy and aromatherapy to herbal remedies and acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine has influenced the way we use preventative health measures and the way we treat ailments all over the world. With such a strong influence on medicine, doesn’t it make sense to combine our knowledge of TCM with modern day science and medicine?

This is hybrid approach is one that many health care professionals have adopted in their medical practice. By combining traditional and holistic methods with modern day scientific developments, doctors are able to give their patients a much more comprehensive and “whole person” type of care. This meaning they are not just treating an ailment, they are treating the whole person — mind, body, and soul.

One such revolutionary example of this is the way in which certain physicians, like Dr. Philip Getson of Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging, approach breast health and breast care. In addition to acting as preventative health care, TCM approaches each individual with the belief that they are made up of several elements that are all interconnected. By keeping the physical balanced with the physiological and the physiological balanced with the mental and emotional, and so on, the human body can maintain its own system of checks and balances. This not only improves overall health, but allows for earlier detection and intervention when something becomes out of balance.

If an imbalance does present itself and that leads to a greater medical issue, doctors will tap into their modern scientific medical background. They will carefully assess the problem to find a solution that will take care of the root of the problem and not just its symptoms. This method ensures the highest likelihood of returning the body to its natural balance once the illness has been cured.

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