Dietary Significance of Proteins


Protein is a key component of muscle, skin, hair and other tissues of the body. You also need protein to manufacture the enzymes and hormones that are involved in digestion, metabolism, and tissue growth and repair.

Dietary protein sourcesProtein is found in all meats and vegetables, but the best dietary sources are fish (if you can find fish without Mercury, fish provides a good source of protein along with high-quality fats), lean meats, eggs, dairy, nuts, beans, and legumes. Most healthy protein sources are low GI foods as well and therefore help to control your appetite and reduce your cravings for carbohydrates and sweets – a good reason to include protein with each meal.

In the nutrition world, how much and what types of protein one should consume is highly debated. Some say that high-quality animal meat is needed for optimal health, while others advocate for a plant-based diet. Experiment with what works for your body at this time in your life. This way you’ll be able to successfully guide yourself to your appropriate protein source.

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