Dr. Susan Silberstein interviews Dr. Philip Getson – Thermographic Imaging for Proactive Breast Health

BeatCancer.org Educational Director Dr. Susan Silberstein interviews Dr. Philip Getson on the role of thermography in early detection and monitoring of breast and thyroid.

Listen to this podcast, and learn some surprising answers to these questions:

  • How does thermography differ from anatomic testing like mammography?
  • How new is thermographic imaging technology?
  • Is there any research supporting its use?
  • What areas of the body can be studied by thermography?
  • How accurate is thermography?
  • Can thermographic imaging find breast cancer earlier than other tests?
  • How many lives are actually saved by annual mammograms?
  • Does conventional screening lead to overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment?
  • Can routine mammograms actually increase risk of breast cancer?
  • Can thermography be helpful after cancer diagnosis?
  • Is DCIS really cancer?
  • What is the likelihood that microcalcifications are problematic?
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