About Marianne Miano

About Marianne Miano

Marianne Miano

Marianne Miano is one of the off-site technicians for TDI.  She brings her natural enthusiasm, warmth, professionalism, and years of experience to her work.

She had the following to share.

“I have been fortunate to know Liesha and Dr. Getson for many years, always admiring them as individuals and more importantly for the significant work they do to help so many.”

“I always wanted to be a part of Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging in some capacity.  Several years ago, after spending six months out in the field with Liesha, I was able to go through the training to become a Board Certified Thermography Technician.  It is a job that doesn’t feel like work, I love every part of it.  The highlight for me is getting to meet the women who are inspirational to me in one way or another, mostly because of the intelligent choices they make for their own health care.  I hope to be a part of TDI’s mission for years to come.”