Reiki Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

Reiki Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

Reiki Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

Reiki Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

For many people, recognizing energy around us is logical: trees, plants, nature have vitality and contain a sustainable life force. We can “read the room” to determine an audience’s energy. We feel pulled to the energy and enthusiasm of some people, repelled by others. Yet, when it comes to acknowledging energy within our own bodies, it’s often disregarded as trivial and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our bodies are comprised of more than skeleton, muscle, and tissue, we’re lined with energetic pathways.

Much like stagnated water, when these pathways become stagnant (or blocked), illness or dis-ease begins to manifest.

In the Japanese healing technique, Reiki, these energetic pathways are divided into layers, or chakras. Each chakra encompasses vital organs and reflects physical and emotional tendencies depending on an abundance or depletion of energy within the chakra.

Imagine folding a water hose in two spots. While there’s little to no water flowing at the folds, there’s a build-up in the other sides. The chakra system is similar, except we only tend to recognize the physical or emotional symptoms, which occur (sometimes years) after the energetic shift begins.

The heart (4th) chakra, for example, is centered in the chest between the breasts and encompasses the heart, lungs, and thymus. While a balanced heart chakra elicits feelings of gratitude, love, and connection, an imbalance may display jealousy, inability to forgive, or codependency. Physically, frequent lung infections, cardiac issues, and/or changes in breast tissue may develop.

Too often, modern medicine only focuses on the physical symptoms presented… even though changes are occurring long before most detection.

With thermographic imaging, changes are detected long before traditional methods, sometimes years earlier.

Often, this early detection allows greater opportunity for us to incorporate healing practices, like Reiki, into whole-body health. Our Reiki practitioners focus on clearing energetic blockages to allow free-flowing energy for overall wellness: mind, body, and energy.

Reiki Balances Mind, Body, and Spirit

Utilizing Reiki as a proactive health technique offers time to re-access emotional and physical patterns to reduce future dis-ease and increase harmonious health.

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