Finding the Silver Lining in the Covid-19 Quarantine

Finding the Silver Lining in the Covid-19 Quarantine

Covid-19 Quarantine – Without a doubt, life as we know it has been interrupted.

Silver Lining - COVID-19 Quarantine

Covid-19 Quarantine – We think twice about necessities and wants before heading to the store. We’ve traded long commutes for home offices. We’ve flipped our hectic, packed schedules for weeks of unstructured- and in many cases- idle time.

Though there are new concerns and stresses, we’re also discovering remarkable benefits to the mandated stay-at-home orders (besides daily casual attire!): never before has the world united as one to heal- both ourselves and the planet.

Air and water pollution have significantly declined, animals are returning to their natural habitats, and repurposing has increased to support the new simple life.

When we look past the sudden inconveniences, we can use this time to pause, reevaluate priorities, and protect ourselves and the planet.

Beyond the much-discussed washing hands (at least 20 seconds), sneezing into the crook of our arm, and maintaining six-feet distancing, here are a few more ways to build our immunity and revitalize our energy during these unique times:

Rest. Waves of energy and fatigue are natural as our bodies process drastic changes in our routine. Try to maintain a regular sleep & wake schedule and aim for 8 hours of rest per night.

Eat well. Nutrient-dense ingredients like garlic, kale, sweet potatoes, salmon, strawberries, spinach, almonds, and avocados are not only delicious, they also help support a strong immune system.

Get moving. Try online classes, walking, running, or biking around the neighborhood to reduce stress and anxiety. No weights in the house? Use cans or water jugs. Movement incorporated throughout the day improves energy and immunity.

Stay hydrated. Now is the perfect time to adopt a regular habit of drinking more water. Increasing water consumption improves quality of sleep, increases focus and energy, and reduces joint pain.

Create calm. Whether we’re sheltered in alone or with others, designate a space or time to create calm. Reading, crafts, music, or even meditation for 15-30 minutes can improve blood flow and reduce stress.

While we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, please know that all of us at TDI are here for you and your wellbeing. Follow us on social media and stay up to date with our emails for at-home wellness tips for healthier habits.

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