Health Benefits of Laughter

When people say, “Laughter is the best medicine,” do they really mean it? Is there any truth to this old saying? While it may not be the cure for all that ails you, it certainly has some undeniable health benefits!

Health Benefits of LaughterLaughter is great for…

Coping  — While we can’t control the everyday frustrations in life like getting a flat tire, a bad breakup, or losing a job, we can control how we react to these situations. Laughter is a great way to cope and get through hard times more easily.

Pain management  — Although a person should not rely solely on laughter for pain management, it does increase the release of those “feel good” chemicals, endorphins. Endorphins main function are to inhibit pain and even after the pain is gone, the benefits of the endorphin release can still hang around.

Stress reduction — Laughter has been shown to greatly combat certain hormones associated with stress. These harmful hormones can lead to everything from high blood pressure and infection, to depression and weight gain.

Quality of life — The bottom line is to keep yourself surrounded by individuals that make you happy and who can make you laugh. Do things in your daily life that make you smile and giggle. By making a conscious effort to laugh more, your quality of life will improve as a happy consequence.

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