POD Testimonials

POD Testimonials

The first time I experienced the POD I was surprised at the toxic cleansing effect it had on me. I would compare it to a sauna in that toxins were released from my body from sweating. The more I used the POD the more relaxing I found the experience. I put on comfortable gym clothes. I have the ability to control the level of vibration on the table and adjust the volume of a soothing CD. I spend 30 minutes in the POD twice a month. During that time I find it easy to clear my mind and relax. Spending time in the POD has helped me manage the stress that we all juggle every day. I walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed. I would highly recommend the POD to everyone.

Cathy S.

I started using the POD at TDI twice each month after finishing chemo treatments for cancer. My legs were swollen due to a clogged lymphatic system and I wanted to get rid of toxins in my body left behind by chemo. It worked! The swelling went down quickly, my blood work has been good, and there’s been no recurrence of cancer. The POD has also helped heal lower back pain from muscle spasms. Its heat is cozy and relaxing that I usually nap during treatments. The aromatherapy is an added treat. Afterwards, I feel like I’ve been to the spa!

Susan S.

The POD is set in a very warm feeling, spa like room. From the moment I entered the room I felt pampered and relaxed. Liesha was excellent in explaining everything and getting me set up. With the combination of Vibratory massage, calming music, aromatherapy, and intense permeating heat, it was nearly impossible for me to concentrate on the things that were causing me stress that day, and as a result my anxiety melted away. Once the session was over I felt calm, soft, and relaxed for at least 3 days following. I also able to fall asleep faster and had a better quality of sleep for the next few nights. I would recommend a regular POD session for anyone looking to detox, de-stress, and improve their metabolism.

Sarah M.

Have you ever wanted to just drift away for a half-hour? The POD takes you on a gentle journey that includes infrared heat, aromatherapy and calming music. I found the infrared heat helpful with detoxification for the body but not hot or uncomfortable. Whiffs of aromatherapy and relaxing music enhanced the experience. I stepped out totally relaxed and refreshed. The Pod makes a perfect gift.

Elsie K.

As a first time “PODDIE” I was very impressed by the warmth and the vibration that surrounded my body within the POD. My POD experience was very relaxing yet refreshing! Looking forward to my next session.

Cheryl O.

I had been experiencing tension in my body from stress prior to my POD session. While in the POD my body fully relaxed. It was so amazing! I felt like I had a good nights sleep but I was awake. I felt relaxed and calmed!

Ayanna O.