Incorporate FIR PODs into Your Wellness Routine – 6 Reasons

Incorporate FIR PODs into Your Wellness Routine – 6 Reasons

Incorporate FIR PODs into Your Wellness Routine

There’s no shortage of benefits to therapeutic massage: increased circulation, decreased stress, improved immunity, and pain reduction. Likewise, the sun also offers our bodies the benefits of increased energy, vitamin D, improved quality of sleep, and reduced depression… except there’s also a considerable risk of damaging ultra-violet rays. It’s helpful to Incorporate FIR PODs into Your Wellness Routine.

What if there were a way to combine the benefits of therapeutic massage and the sun’s energy without the risks?

Now there is.

Far-infrared radiant (FIR) heat provides a narrow band of non-ultraviolet energy that penetrates into the body to increase circulation and nourish damaged tissue. Compounding the beneficial effects, heat from the POD offers an increase in circulation and repair of soft muscle tissue, much like therapeutic massage.

How do you know if FIR POD therapy should play a role in your wellness routine?

See if any of the following six benefits resonate with your needs:

Detoxification: Increased circulation and sweating aids in the removal of metabolic waste and accumulated toxins within the cells and body

Lymphatic Massage: The vibration of the POD stimulates lymphatic movement to increase flow of lymphatic blockages to reduce frequency of cold and flu systems, joint pain, headaches, GI issues, acne, cellulite, allergy and food sensitivities, breast disorders, menstrual cramps and moodiness

Oxygen Therapy: Incorporated via mask or freely through the POD, oxygen therapy supports the production of white blood cells and strengthens the immune system

Vibratory Massage: Customize the POD experience- and enhanced circulation- by setting upper and lower body vibration frequencies to preferred settings

Aromatherapy: Used for centuries, the olfactory system is the fastest link to the brain, thereby creating effective responses in relaxation & hormone balancing to ease the body’s stress responses and increase circulation and digestion

Weight Loss: Though the mind and body feel at rest, repair and recovery are tremendous work for the body. Elevation in calories spent and sweat may increase metabolic rate

While many clients use the POD for general relaxation, others find it an essential aspect of their overall wellbeing:                                                                              

 “I started using the POD at TDI twice each month after finishing chemo treatments for cancer. My legs were swollen due to a clogged lymphatic system and I wanted to get rid of toxins in my body left behind by chemo. It worked! The swelling went down quickly, my blood work has been good, and there’s been no recurrence of cancer. The POD has also helped heal lower back pain from muscle spasms. Its heat is cozy and relaxing that I usually nap during treatments. Aromatherapy is an added treat. Afterward, I feel like I’ve been to the spa!” -Susan S.

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Incorporate FIR PODs into Your Wellness Routine

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