Your Body Needs Fats

Starting in 1975, government recommendations, food advertisers, medical doctors and nutrition experts advocated a diet low in fat. What this fad failed to address was the difference between low-quality fats contained in junk foods and naturally occurring high-quality fats that can be beneficial to health. Remember the low-fat craze that swept the nation in the early 90s? Every cookie, cracker and cake variety came in a low-fat version. Yet Americans continued to get fat. We became a nation of consumers of low-fat products, believing that eating fat made us fat. The truth is that our bodies need fat, and knowing what kinds of fats to consume and what kinds to avoid is not complicated. Your body needs fat to nourish your heart, brain, nerves, hormones and, in fact, every single cell. Fat is also good for the health of your hair, skin, and nails too.

Healthy Fruits Vegetables ProteinYour body’s fat storage is not necessarily related to the fat you consume. When eating the wrong kinds of fats, your body lacks the ability to create healthy cells, leading to nutritional deprivation. You could be overweight and still undernourished, especially if you are eating chemicalized, artificial junk foods. Many people on low-fat diets feel hungry all the time and are never satiated because they are not getting nutrient dense food.

Is anyone confused about the facts on fat? When considering that new summer swimsuit, remember that we need healthy fats in our diet to maintain a healthy weight and optimal health.

Sounds a bit contradictory but I hope the information in our June Newsletter will help clear things up a bit.

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