6 Benefits of Thermography in Dentistry

Within the realm of diagnostic screening and imaging, thermography is becoming increasingly more popular in the field of dentistry. Because thermography makes it possible to easily and accurately screen individuals in a way that is pain free and non-radiologic. It’s no wonder why more and more doctors are relying on this screening method.

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Here are 5 ways that thermography is beneficial in the field of dentistry:

  1. Thyroid — Thyroid dysfunction can lead to any number of issues including weight gain or loss, sensitivity to hot and/or cold, and fatigue. By screening the thyroid, doctors are offered a more comprehensive view of their function. It is well known that conventional (laboratory) testing for thyroid abnormalities often is normal in the face of individuals who present with clinical symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.  This constrains the clinician in their treatment.  Thermography can demonstrate evidence of physiologic thyroid dysfunction offering a greater latitude for intervention.
  2. Dental health linked to overall health — Many dental health issues can be linked to other general health issues like headaches, neck pain, and sinus inflammation. Thermography makes it possible to monitor the heat patterns from the mouth that run to other parts of the body like the thyroid and breasts.
  3. Non-radiologic — While other methods require the use of harmful radiology or dye injections, thermography simply uses the body’s natural heat signatures to form its images.
  4. Versatility — Thermography in dentistry can be used to screen for any number of issues. This can include tooth pain, inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, and even oral functions that are linked to breast health.
  5. Clear picture of physiologic dysfunction — For those trained in the reading and interpretation of these images, thermography is able to give doctors a more comprehensive view of a person’s overall health when combined with medical history and other testing.

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