Smoking Cessation Services

Smoking cessation services are performed by the Center for Laser Therapy offered at our office on a monthly basis.

Since 2003 the Centers for Laser Therapy have helped thousands of people free themselves from nicotine addiction.

How Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation Works

A cold laser is applied to several different external points on the ears, nose and hand which stimulate nerve endings underneath the skin. As a result, a generous supply of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical is released. The relationship of endorphins to smoking is very simple. While you are smoking and for a few minutes afterwards, your body creates endorphins to make you feel good to protect your body from the harmful effects of the chemicals and nicotine you inhale. Unlike a cigarette, the amount of endorphins that the laser creates can last up to two months. During this time, you will have absolutely no cravings nor will you feel any symptoms from nicotine withdrawal. This gives your body time to rid itself of the harmful effects from toxins that smoking has caused and within a few weeks you will feel more comfortable as a non-smoker than as a smoker.