Warning: Mammograms may do more harm than good

WARNING: Mammograms may do more harm than good according to leading experts… and The American Cancer Society agrees. Thermography is the answer.

In this interview with Dr Philip & Liesha Getson, you will learn TRUTH about Mammograms and how To avoid Misdiagnosis Leading To Unnecessary Breast Cancer Treatment.

There are so many golden nuggets, it worth listening all the way to the end.

List of Topics Covered in this Interview:

  • What is Thermography? How safe, and effective is a Thermogram?
  • Why are mammograms less effective and potentially unsafe?
  • What is the biggest hazard of getting mammograms (it’s not what you think)?
  • How are mammograms causing more harm than good?
  • What can any woman do, everyday, to lessen the risk of Breast Cancer?
  • Early detection is good, earlier detection is better…
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