Thermographic Services Overview

TDI (Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging) provides superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, dental, thyroid and sinus regions to assist in the assessment of problems associated with these areas.

Breast Health Assessment

The earliest possible indication of abnormalities allows for the earliest possible intervention. Thermography has been determined to have an average sensitivity and specificity of 90% and when used as part of a comprehensive multi faceted approach can lead to early detection of 95% of early stage cancers. This increases the long term survival rate by as much as 60%.

Neuromuscular Thermography

Learn about the uses of neuromuscular thermography may be used when anatomic tests (CT, myelogram and/or MRI) have not been performed, or are negative, inconclusive, or positive.

Pain Evaluation

Chronic pain and its cause is one of the most difficult diagnostic problems plaguing physicians today. A study currently in progress suggests that Thermography can predict the spread of RSD before it actually occurs, thereby allowing for the earliest possible intervention.

Facial Thyroid Dental

Thyroid dysfunction accounts for a huge number of metabolic problems including but not limited to weight gain or loss, fatigue, disorders of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism and intolerance to heat or cold. Thermography offers a non-invasive, non-radiologic measurement of thyroid physiology.