The Harmful Effects of Sugar

The Harmful Effects of Sugar

The Harmful Effects of Sugar – Are you still in search of a resolution for 2022? How about something simple: be healthy. Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the basics. Let’s start by reducing the amount of sugar that we consume in our diet.

Harmful Effects of Sugar

Sugar appears in many forms and products.

When we say sugar, we also mean the ingredients that are listed on your food labels as “sucrose” and “fructose.” Processed sucrose refers to table sugar, while fructose generally includes high fructose corn syrup. Both sugars are found in many products commonly bought at the grocery store, including bread, pasta, canned items, condiments, yogurts, sauces, cereals, and protein bars. 

Doesn’t fruit also contain sugar? Yes. However, fructose found in fruit contains excess amounts of fiber, which reduces the rate of intestinal absorption of sugar. Hence why it is much healthier to eat an orange or an apple instead of having a cup of fruit juice.

You may not even realize how harmful sugar can be to your body and the lasting effects it can have.

In reality, sugar can ultimately cause several harmful effects to our overall health:

  • Sugar is technically a chronic liver poison because it cannot be properly metabolized and eliminated by your liver, unlike glucose that can. Sugar is metabolized similar to the toxin alcohol.
  • Sugar causes inflammation in the body
  • Sugar contributes to heart disease and diabetes
  • Sugar will increase the small dense fat (bad fat) in your blood
  • Sugar will increase your triglycerides the same as alcohol
  • Sugar will increase your blood pressure by blocking nitric oxide

What can you do to stay healthy?

One of the best things we can do for ourselves, and our health is to consistently have a balanced diet. By including adequate healthy fat, protein, and fiber with our meals, we keep our blood sugar levels balanced. If meals are typically carb-heavy, that can cause blood sugar levels to spike and eventually create a concern for developing diabetes. 

As always, exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Exercising speeds up your metabolism, meaning that the sucrose and fructose are being burned before they reach your liver and essentially turn into fat. 

Also, make sure to be diligent and check your food labels to avoid any hidden sugars. Don’t be fooled by labels that say “all-natural,” “fat-free,” “100% juice” or “whole grain.” These can be deceiving. Instead, make sure to look at the overall grams of sugar.

Health through awareness

Our bodies are at their happiest and healthiest when our blood sugar levels are stable – and don’t think that you have to figure this all out on your own. At TDI, we are always here to help and support you to feel your very best. Everyone is different, and we will work together to determine which wellness plan will be effective for you. 

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