Topic: Utilizing Plant Medicine and Whole Foods for Health

Date Aired: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Presenter: Jennifer Capozzi

Webinar Overview:

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging and Health through Awareness present Jennifer Capozzi.  Jen is a Plant Medicine Practitioner, Plant-Based Chef, Herbalist, and owner of Barlume Apothecary in Philadelphia.

Jen will be discussing breast health and lymphatic support utilizing plant medicine and whole foods. The Lymphatic System is the key component of our immune system; it removes toxins, dead cells, and unwelcome guests from the body while maintaining the health of our blood and fluids within the body. It is a tremendously fascinating and complex system. The most important aspect of the Lymphatic System is that it regulates the quality and health of our blood; the life force that keep us going. So how can we care for, strengthen, and support such a complex system, especially when it’s relative to overall health or to restore a compromised system?  We will be discussing food adjustments, incorporating herbal medicine preparations and medicinal essential oils that support the Lymphatic System, promote breast health, tissue regeneration, and immune support; it all works together!

About the Presenter:

Jen Capozzi - Utilizing Plant Medicine and Whole Foods for Health
Jen Capozzi – Utilizing Plant Medicine and Whole Foods for Health

Jen has been working with plant medicine and whole foods for over ten years as a chef and herbalist. She began her journey into herbal medicine as a means to manage and in hopes to stop the progression of her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She weaves together plant medicine, seasonal foods, medicinal herbs and essential oils into a daily self-care practice tailored to the unique needs of her clients to bring them to a place of healing and restoration. Currently, Jen is on a cross-country journey visiting farms that sustain the earth and their communities, while also sharing her own journey from sickness to health to healer.