The Intuitive Heart, Creating Heart-Centered Coherence

The Intuitive Heart, Creating Heart-Centered Coherence

Topic: The Intuitive Heart, Creating Heart-Centered Coherence

Aired: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Presenter: Elsie Kerns

Webinar Overview:

” Learn the simple but powerful Heart Lock-In Technique, which is the gift of the Heartmath Institute, whose clients include football teams to the Navy Seals!

The Heart Lock-In Technique helps you:

  • Activate and sustain coherence for more resilience, energy, peace and serenity.
  • Lower blood pressure, release muscle tension and reduce anxiety.
  • Create a new “internal set point” that allows you to operate with greater ease throughout your day.

Invoke the intelligence of your intuitive heart so you can enhance intuition and gain clarity for making healthy and healing life choices.

About the Presenter:

Elsie Kerns - Webinar Presenter
Elsie Kerns: “The Intuitive Heart, Creating Heart –Centered Coherence”

Elsie’s greatest passion is teaching the art of healing, which she has been doing for thirty years. Her expertise is based on extensive training with renowned healers, authors and energy pioneers, including Donna Eden and Barbara Brennan. She has taught for Drexel University’s Complementary and Integrative Health Program and offers classes in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and Meditation, locally and nationally.

Elsie offers group coaching and mentors individual clients moving through personal transitions in career, relationships and health. She supports them so they can resolve long standing issues and live the joyful, successful life they desire.

Elsie is the author of a chapter titled “Housewife to Healer” in the recently launched book, Your Shift Matters available at Amazon or through her website.