Laser Smoking Cessation

Laser Smoking Cessation

Topic: Laser Smoking Cessation

Date Aired: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Presenter: Joel Auerbach

Webinar Overview:

Joel Auerbach, Center for Laser Therapy

TDI/Health Through Awareness presents Joel Auerbach, a member of the National Association for Laser Therapy, American Association for Laser Therapy, American Counseling Association and American Society of Photobiologists, Laser Smoking Cessation. Joel will be explaining the mechanism of nicotine addiction and how the Center for Laser Therapy has helped thousands of people free themselves from smoking. Laser Therapy’s one–on–one therapy is completely non-invasive, safe and relaxing. After one treatment you will notice immediate positive changes without nicotine cravings or the symptoms from nicotine withdrawal.  One course of treatment is designed to help you without waiting weeks or months to obtain the benefits of your healthy new lifestyle. 

A cold laser is applied to several different external points on the ears, nose, and hand which stimulate nerve endings underneath the skin.  As a result, a generous supply of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical, is released.  The relationship of endorphins to smoking is very simple.  While you are smoking and for a few minutes afterwards, your body creates endorphins to make you feel good and to protect your body from the harmful effects of the chemicals and nicotine that you inhale.  The effects of the laser last up to two months.  During this time you will have absolutely no cravings nor will you feel any symptoms from nicotine withdrawal.  This gives your body time to rid itself of the harmful effects from toxins that smoking has caused.