How to Move Forward When Life Changes

How to Move Forward When Life Changes

Topic: How to Move Forward When Life Changes

Date Aired: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Presenter: Cindy Cipriani

Webinar Overview:

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging/Health through Awareness presents Cindy Cipriani, an author, public speaker, entrepreneur and Clarity Coach.The topic of her presentation will be “How to Move Forward When Life Changes”.

How do you regain mental and emotional balance when life throws you a curve ball? There are unexpected life changes such as losing a job, the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, or even children growing up and leaving home. These circumstances can cause confusion, stress, and fear. Without a life GPS to guide us, it can be difficult to find our footing and know what direction to head in. But what if there was a system that could be a guide through the emotions?

“The 5C Solution” is a trademarked system used by hundreds of clients of Clear Path by Cindy. In her presentation Cindy we will be discussing how this system can help you make wise choices in times of confusion and throughout your future.

Learn about The 5 C Solution™ and apply it immediately.

Cindy’s proprietary formula can be taken directly from your first coaching session with her and applied immediately into your personal and professional life.

  • Clarity – Get the answer to “What do I do now?”
  • Commitment to a course of action;
  • Challenges – Prepare for and Conquer
  • Create clear choices and a step-by-step plan or path;
  • Celebrate each step completed

About the Presenter:

Cindy Cipriani – Tuning In to Your Real Self

Cindy Cipriani is an author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and Clarity Coach.  A master in helping others recover from tremendous pains, setbacks and confusion, Cindy’s successful business ventures and experiences in finding clarity while overcoming professional and personal obstacles have given her the tools to help individuals from all walks of life gain clarity in finding their path.  She has attributed her clarity and focus in all of her successes.