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Wireless Bras

Increasing attention is being paid to the health hazards of underwire bras, and many health care professionals are now recommending wireless bras. In Energy Medicine terms, the wire has the effect of clogging Neurolymphatic Reflex Points that are located around the breast, which inhibits energy flow. This results in slow but steady harm to the lymph tissue in the breast. Energy and lymph fluid naturally move through these tissues, but this movement may get blocked due to continual exposure to the wire in a bra. (Both metal and plastic underwires have this impact.) Clogged energies and related physical residue can create pain and also an internal environment that invites future health problems, including cancer. Wearing a wireless bra will stop exacerbating such problems, and palpating Neurolymphatic Reflex Points stimulates the flow of energy to the nearby lymph tissue and the release of toxin build-up.

More and more bras are becoming available that are wireless, comfortable, and attractive to your figure. Below is a list of wireless bras that our students and practitioners have mentioned to us as worthy of recommendation.

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