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Staten Island Lactation and Wellness

Lisa Paladino, Stanton Island Thermography off-site

Staten Island Lactation and Wellness and Lisa Paladino strive to empower women to reach their own health goals through guidance, education, and community.

Staten Island Lactation and Wellness offer services in a cozy, comfortable office. The director, Lisa Paladino, is a Midwife. All of the services are based on the Midwifery Model: that childbirth, breastfeeding and lifecycle changes are normal events to be guided through with supportive, informative, and transparent care.

The center employs the principles of functional medicine, realizing that mind, body and spirit are all important for optimum health and healing. Treatment is directed to the root causes of imbalance and illness, rather than suppressing symptoms with medication. They trust the innate wisdom of women to know what is right for themselves and for their children.

Lisa is highly skilled women’s healthcare professional with 25 years of Maternal Child Health experience, concentrated in Labor and Delivery. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Midwifery. Lisa is an RN since 1987, a CNM since 2008, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2011. She co-founded the Breastfeeding Initiative at Staten Island University Hospital and worked in collaboration with the NYC Department of Health for eight years on efforts toward achieving the “Baby Friendly” designation.

Lisa has been assisting new families to breastfeed since 1990, first at the bedside, and in the past 5 years in the outpatient office setting. Lisa’s unique qualifications as both a nurse practitioner and lactation consultant, give her the ability to diagnose and prescribe treatment protocols for breastfeeding management without need for physician consultation. She is an independent provider. As a member of The International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP), she is experienced with assessment, diagnosing and treatment protocols for infants with tethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties) and has a network of professionals for collaboration and referral.

Lisa has been providing well woman gynecologic care to women since 2009 and provided full-scope midwifery from 2010-2015. She has experience in annual visits, vaginitis and other uncomplicated female complaints, contraceptive management, nutritional counseling, and primary care.

Staten Island Lactation and Wellness is a Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging satellite testing location.  See our calendar of events for Thermographic screening dates.

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Phone: (917) 725-1791
Address: 4945 Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY 10312