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Alliance for Addiction Solutions

Transforming the Addicted Brain through Nutrition and Integrative Therapies

The Alliance for Addiction Solutions envisions a profound transformation in the treatment of addiction, making nutrient therapy and other modalities for supporting core physical deficits the foundation for recovery. The goal of treatment will no longer be abstinence alone, but also the elimination of cravings and the creation of optimal well-being through biochemical restoration. AAS envisions being a widely utilized and trusted source of information on effective holistic treatments for addictive disorders.

AAS envisions widespread, easily accessible treatment centers where nutrient therapy, acupuncture, exercise, dietary counseling, comprehensive detoxification, identification and correction of allergies, and a broad range of multidisciplinary approaches are readily available.

Phone: (424) 256-8227

Office Hours
Monday to Friday – 9:00AM to 4:30PM PT

Mailing Address
The Alliance for Addiction Solutions
PO Box 13375
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34979