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Dr. Getson is one of the best in his field. Breast Thermography has many benefits when it comes to early detection of cancer. It shows an increase of blood supply to an area of the breast which is a possible indicator of cancer. Cancers need much more blood supply than normal cells which is why they will recruit more blood and be seen on Thermographic imaging. This is a screening test, any positive findings are always followed up with better imaging like MRI.

It has no radiation and is safe. Thermography can detect cancer 6 years before it is detected on a mammogram. Early detection saves lives.

If you’re looking for this type of screening and you want someone with years of experience and knowledge on the topic, Dr. Getson is the best.

Thank you, Doctor, for striving to provide cutting edge technology for our family.

In great health,
Dr. Galgano, March 2020, Yelp Review

Dr. Galgano

Dr. Getson and his staff are the most caring amongst all the health care professionals I’ve encountered in my battle with this CRPS. They not only hear you, but they also listen to you and treat you with the utmost respect. I don’t know where I would be it wasn’t for them and the treatment they provide. — Google Review, February 2020

Cindy C.

I have been having my thermography done by Liesha Getson or one of her associates since 2007. The service has always been excellent as has my communication with her or Dr. Getson, if it was necessary. I would recommend their services to anyone who needed any type of thermographic diagnostic imaging. – Google Review

Suzanne S.

Excellent and compassionate care. Timely appointments and very knowledgeable staff! – Google Review

Liz M.

Dr. Getson and Liesha are the absolute best. They are always willing to answer my questions and concerns. They go above and beyond and truly care for the health and well being of their patients/clients. – Google Review

Mary S.

If you are looking for true early detection, thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, and studies suggest that this test can detect activity eight to ten years BEFORE any other test. Personally and as an organization, thermography is highly recommended as a breast cancer screening tool. This is the only test I use to monitor my breast health, and I have been going to Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging for years now. Liesha Getson performs the thermogram, and she is friendly, professional, and thorough. It is quick, easy, and painless and Liesha always makes me feel comfortable. Dr. Philip Getson interprets the results and his reports and always thorough and informative. He is extremely experienced and I feel like I am in the best of hands with TDI. Thank you for your top-notch service, compassion, and expertise! – Yelp Review, August 2019

Debra Nicholson, CHCC, CPT, CHC Director of Community Outreach

Outstanding service, top of their profession. Highly recommend. ~ Google Review – November 2018


I got my thermographic imaging done by TDI at a health store near me and I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the entire experience! The technician was super sweet; the results came back quickly; and they even uncovered 2 issues that I didn’t know I had AND that a mammogram would never have detected!! Seriously, I’ll never subject these tata’s to another mammogram as long as I live. Best. Experience. Ever. Thank you for being pioneers!!!!

Patti Booth

I highly recommend Dr. and Liesha Getson and Thermography for breast health care. Several years ago I did much research regarding mammograms after a false positive and almost having to undergo a biopsy, but not before having to endure several more mammograms that were actually hurtful and, come to find out harmful, I made the decision to no longer subject my body to mammograms. My OB/GYN (I don’t go to them anymore) made me feel like I was a terrible person for making that choice but I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did. I later had a potential breast health issue arise and in my search for an alternative to a mammogram I found out about Thermography. I was thrilled to find that one of, if not the most, respected doctors who provides this service does so in my own hometown, Marlton, NJ. Well, let me just say that Dr. Getson and Liesha were wonderful. They really helped to take the fear out of what I was going through, which was such a blessing because I always found the push to do mammograms as very fear based and that never really sat well with me. The false positive I received from the mammogram was extremely emotionally and mentally taxing and, as it turned out, for no good reason. Later, I was told by both Liesha (who takes the thermographic images) and Dr. Getson (who analysis them and speaks directly with you about the results) that there was no rush to do anything right away even if the Thermography results indicated there was something to be concerned about and that in most cases, if there is a concern, it could be handled holistically with simple lifestyle changes. They took the time I needed to explain things so that I knew what to expect and my fears were alleviated. I cannot tell you how much their care and concern for me as a person has meant. Thanks Dr. and Liesha Getson for the work you do with Thermography and with your webinars and newsletters that are so informative and easily accessible. What a tremendous and positive impact you are making in our community and beyond!

Deb Freeman

Thank you both for such wonderful care during my thermogram and my new patient appointment.

Leisha, I want to thank you for your calm and caring demeanor during the thermogram. I was very nervous to have this done and your kindness combined with your experience made me feel as comfortable as can be. I have since told many of my female friends about my positive experience and how I hope that all women can have such a level of comfort as they take care of their health.

Dr. Getson, I so appreciate your time and your willingness to go through my concerns point by point. I have never had a doctor who was so patient and attentive. I greatly appreciate the depth in which you reviewed my thermogram report and explained the results to me.  I left your office with such a feeling of renewed hope for how people can partner with their health care professionals to truly take care of their health.