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To say that thermography has changed my life may sound too simplistic to some. However, it has helped me and my family tremendously. My sister died at the age of 36 after battling cancer for 5 years. Multiple mammograms did not pick up her cancer. Her breasts were “too dense.” Eight years later I was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, many mammograms did not detect the cancer. (Perhaps all the radiation I received over the years, may have contributed to the cancer.) Once I learned about thermography, I have decided that this is the way to go. No more mammograms for me!

My sister, my mother, my sister-in-law, my daughter and some of my friends have now had their base line thermography done with Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging. They are the “Masters” and they have been doing this for years. I want someone like Dr. Getson who has helped set the standards in the profession. Liesha Getson and Marianne Miano are wonderful, professional technicians with caring spirits. They know their work! Using thermography as a tool to detect changes in your breast tissue years earlier than a mammogram, allows you to make the necessary changes to avoid a cancer diagnosis.

TDI is the ONLY group I would recommend. It is worth the time and it may save your life. Thank you to Dr. Getson and Liesha Getson for dedicating your life to helping women fight breast cancer.


The latest statistics on radiation with mammography and other studies led me to seek a safer way to determine the current health of my breasts. Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging offered a solution that not provided comprehensive photos of the breast tissue but I also decided to include my thyroid so I would have a baseline for both areas. The testing was simple, non-invasive and no radiation. Liesha Getson, Certified Thermographic Imaging consultant created a relaxed atmosphere and the test was completed in a very short time. Dr. Philip Getson sent both the pictures and comprehensive analysis of the testing following the appointment. I highly recommend this approach to healthy breast care.

Elsie K.

I have had a yearly thermography as part of my regular check-ups for years, but none compare to my wonderful experience at TDI. At TDI, I am always met with kindness, compassion and a deep sense of caring from the staff and especially from Liesha Getson. Liesha always makes me feel comfortable and at ease while she is taking images. All of which, I may add, are simple and painless! And, while I am there, I also have a Reiki session with her. Liesha’s touch makes me feel a glowing radiance flowing through and around me. It’s a treat to feel one with my body and mind.

I also make time for the “pod”, which enhances my relaxation experience. It’s like being in a warm rocking cradle. I feel great knowing that I not only have taken care of my breast health by getting a thermogram, but also that I continue to promote my health and well being with the pod and Reiki sessions. By the time I leave, I am a new woman! I can’t thank, Dr. Getson, Liesha Getson, and staff enough for their dedication.

Laura G.