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Patient Reviews & Testimonials

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I have had a yearly thermography as part of my regular check-ups for years, but none compare to my wonderful experience at TDI. At TDI, I am always met with kindness, compassion and a deep sense of caring from the staff and especially from Liesha Getson. Liesha always makes me feel comfortable and at ease while she is taking images. All of which, I may add, are simple and painless! And, while I am there, I also have a Reiki session with her. Liesha’s touch makes me feel a glowing radiance flowing through and around me. It’s a treat to feel one with my body and mind.

I also make time for the “pod”, which enhances my relaxation experience. It’s like being in a warm rocking cradle. I feel great knowing that I not only have taken care of my breast health by getting a thermogram, but also that I continue to promote my health and well being with the pod and Reiki sessions. By the time I leave, I am a new woman! I can’t thank, Dr. Getson, Liesha Getson, and staff enough for their dedication.

Laura G.