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Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI)  provides superior quality thermal imaging and interpretation for health risk assessment of disorders of the breast, vascular, thyroid, dental, sinus and neuromuscular systems.  Health Through Awareness was created as an offshoot of TDI and is a bridge between diagnosis and implementation of healthy diet and lifestyle modifications for overall wellness.

Breast Imaging – The Untold Story

October 2018

Breast Imaging - The Untold Story. TDI and HTA Newsletter - October 2018.Symbolism of the Female Breast – Breasts represent the ability to sustain life through care, support and nurturing.  Breasts are also referred to as mammary glands.  They produce milk for offspring, keeping them nourished.  This is where the word “mother” comes from. Breasts epitomize the sacred feminine values of love, compassion and wisdom.  These heart-centered forces need to be cultivated and nurtured.  Most of all, these heart impulses   needed  to be expressed.

Thermography allows women to maintain their dignity while being proactive in their health and wellness concerns.

Topics from this newsletter include:

  • Are mammograms safe and effective? Learn the facts of mammography and thermography.
  • The American Academy of Thermology held its 2018 Annual Scientific Session and Meeting. In a moving and heartwarming presentation, Robert Schwartz, MD Chairman of the Board acknowledged Dr. Getson”s passion, commitment and contribution to the advancement of Medical Thermology.
  • What can you do to create and maintain healthy breasts?

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 2018

Happy Mother's Day TDI & Health Through Awareness Newsletter

I haven’t done a newsletter in quite a while but I wanted to share the following beautiful
testimony written by Wayne Dyer about his mother.

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate all the women in your life who have “mothered you”, be it your Mom, Step Mom, Grand mom, Auntie, friend, etc.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful goddesses out there.

Wishing you all abundant health and happiness. ~ Liesha
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