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Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI)  provides superior quality thermal imaging and interpretation for health risk assessment of disorders of the breast, vascular, thyroid, dental, sinus and neuromuscular systems.  Health Through Awareness was created as an offshoot of TDI and is a bridge between diagnosis and implementation of healthy diet and lifestyle modifications for overall wellness.

Father’s Day 2019

May 2019

TDI and HTA Newsletter - June 2019

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers,  
storytellers and singers of song.” –Unknown

My dad was all the things listed above and much more! Unfortunately, my father made his transition at the very young age of 54. He got to hold his first grandson but never got to meet my son who was born 5 months after his passing.  My father had a rare form of lung cancer but was a non-smoker.

Father’s Day: A holiday that was supposed to honor dad and enumerate his special qualities, now is used to sell chili pepper ties and shop vacs. Hopefully, by understanding why the concept of Father’s Day was created, we can better celebrate and honor the fathers who raised us. 

Topics from this newsletter include:

  • The History of Father’s Day in the United States
  • “Transcendence” a new docu-series
  • Overcoming Hashimoto’s – Summit

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Mother’s Day 2019

May 2019

TDI and HTA Newsletter - May 2019

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate all the women in your life who have “mothered you” 
be it your Mom, Step Mom, Grandmom, Auntie, friend, etc.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful goddesses out there.

Mother’s Day: Where Did It All Begin? Like many other holidays that have been commercialized in modern times, Mother’s Day has centuries-old antecedents. Cultures around the world celebrated (and still do) the mother goddess as a representative of nurturing and the giver of all life.

Topics from this newsletter include:

  • You Can Heal Your Life Summit
  • Digital Dementia Summit
  • Anti-Cancer Revolution

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