Holistic Mental Health for Anxiety & Depression

Holistic Mental Health for Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression – Ramifications and Far-Reaching Effects

I know what you’re thinking; probably not a very festive topic, but an important one, especially around the holidays which can be very challenging for a lot of people.

Depression and HolidaysNonetheless, I thought that I would provide some startling and thought provoking information about how the lack of proper nutrition can affect mental health. This, in turn, according to many experts has a downward spiraling effect on many people’s lives. There is a great body of research that suggests that poor nutrition leads to poor digestive health which in turn leads to poor overall health and consequently poor mental health. This altered, often untreated, mental state, which is frequently misunderstood and highly stigmatized, has been shown to lead to substance abuse by way of self-medication, institutionalization and in many cases, criminal behavior.

Is it plausible, then, to think that something so seemingly simple, (although certainly not easy) as cleaning up one’s diet ( which is detailed below), consuming nutrient dense real organic food and getting one’s gut ecology working properly could be a part of the solution to the overwhelming mental health, substance abuse, and criminal behavior problems that plague the world today?