Dowsing – An Ancient Divining Art

Dowsing – An Ancient Divining Art

DowsingWhen you spend time outdoors in places you feel drawn, you feel a sense of renewed purpose, full of spirit and connected with the flow of energy.

Nature’s transformative power can make you feel more vibrant, healthier, and happier. Unfortunately, due to time and work constraints, most people spend their time indoors, which can have a draining effect on their well-being. For many, their living environments are affected by subtle fields of draining energy that cannot be detected by the eye. This can challenge their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. These disturbed energy fields can weaken their immune systems and make them feel tired, stressed, and lead to depression and sickness.

Enter dowsing to the rescue.

This ancient divining art has been traced back to Egyptian times and its use has been documented in China, India, and Germany to locate water and mineral deposits throughout ancient civilization. More recently, dowsing was used to locate petroleum and underground tunnels during the Vietnam War.

Today, dowsing is widely used in the practice of Feng Shui to locate and cure subtle energies that disrupt the natural harmonious flow in your home and to increase your sense of well-being and raise the energy in your environment. A dowser uses a variety of cures, including activated copper sticks that are comprised to cure specific energetic disturbances that drain your energy.

What kind of energy affects our homes?

  1. Disturbed energy in the earth called geopathic stress interrupts nature’s healthy flow and is caused by underground water, fault lines, or where adjoining soils differ. Unfortunately, many homes are built over geopathic stress lines. Noticeable signs of this earth illness are found where trees grow at an angle, on the path that ants march, where ant hills or wasp nests are located, and where trees or plants never seem to thrive and die.
  2. Hartmann and Curry Lines run on a specific directional grid pattern of the earth’s magnetic field. These lines are harmless until they connect with an electrical line within a framed structure, at which point they can turn detrimental and need to be cured. These lines run anywhere from 6′ to 11′ apart and are very common within a home structure.
  3. A dowser will also cure electromagnetic fields of human technology which cause lines of interference within our homes and buildings once these energies bounce around the walls with no way out. This energy comes from power distribution networks, appliances, cell towers, and satellite dishes to name a few. Our homes can be affected by these fields of energy from miles away.
  4. Energetic frequencies caused by high levels of emotional stress can also be created by ourselves or left by others in your environment. These emotional scars cause distortions and can impact those in that environment. These frequencies range from issues of depression, divorce, illness, finances, health, and relationships.
  5. The ancient sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, and Machu Picchu are said to be built on naturally occurring ley lines. There are also areas on the earth where two ley lines intersect at a 45-degree angle and create an upward clockwise spiral of energy creating a positive vortex of energy. If you are lucky enough to have a positive vortex in your home or on your land, you’ll get an extra boost from it. It is often a place where people are drawn to. Dogs love them, cats avoid them.
  6. When two ley lines cross at less than a 45-degree angle, it creates a negative vortex that creates a downward counterclockwise spiral. Such energy can weaken our immune systems, and cause anger, arguments, and even violence. Negative energy is drawn towards it. These can be neutralized or turned into a positive vortex for uplifting energy. Cats are often drawn to the energy of a negative vortex. It’s one of their gifts to soak up the negativity for us and then shake it off.

What are the possible benefits of dowsing?

A dowsed home enhances the energy level in your living environment and increases your sense of harmony and well-being. Some of the wonderful side effects of dowsing can include a deeper sense of calm, feeling more focused and energized, sleeping more deeply, better communication, increase in prosperity, and decrease in insect infestation.

If you are suffering from sleeping issues, extra stress or illness, and have done your due diligence and still can’t figure it out, you might want to consider working with a dowser to see if this may be a missing piece of the puzzle for you.

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