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Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference 2016

Are you concerned about breast cancer? Have you or has someone you know been touched by breast cancer? Are you aware that Breast Cancer is a Preventable Disease? From May 15-20, 2016 Dr. Philip Getson will be speaking in the Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference along with 17 other leading breast health and cancer prevention experts. Learn More »

Queen’s Health Centers 20th Anniversary Seminar Series – January 2015. Free health related lectures being held at Queens Health Center in Souderton, PA.Door Prizes valued up to $300.00 given away at every seminar and workshop, including a complimentary Breast Thermorgram to be raffled off on January 8, 2015 after Dr. Getson’s lecture. Learn More »

Iodine is a mineral found in many foods including tuna, dried seaweed, bananas, and navy beans. It is responsible for producing the hormones necessary for healthy thyroid function. In addition, breast tissue has a high concentration of iodine. Because breasts need such a high concentration of iodine to remain healthy and balanced, it can be difficult to know if you are getting enough in your diet. Learn More »