TDI & Health Through Awareness Newsletter

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI)  provides superior quality thermal imaging and interpretation for health risk assessment of disorders of the breast, vascular, thyroid, dental, sinus and neuromuscular systems.  Health Through Awareness was created as an offshoot of TDI and is a bridge between diagnosis and implementation of healthy diet and lifestyle modifications for overall wellness.

Healthy Traditional Diet

February 2017

Newsletter TDI and Health Through Awareness - Newsletter January 2017

In the 1930’s, a Cleveland dentist named Weston A. Price, DDS, who I have referred to in a previous newsletter, traveled to isolated parts of the world to study the dental health of people unaffected by Western civilization. His studies revealed that dental caries and deformed dental arches, which resulted in crooked teeth, were the result of nutritional deficiencies and not genetically inherited as previously believed.

Dr. Price studied sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, indigenous peoples of North and South America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines and the Maori people of New Zealand. He found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, good physiques and resistance to disease were typical of native groups who consumed traditional diets rich in essential nutrients. Read this newsletter…

Happy New Year 2017

January 2017

Discover some tips for bringing life back in balance, staying healthy throughout the winter months and living a therapeutic lifestyle. When it comes to making lifestyle changes, I have found taking baby steps or implementing one small, new thing at a time is helpful. These new changes over time just become part of your new lifestyle, they don’t feel like a chore. Instead of taking things away, add in more of the good stuff. That way you won’t feel deprived.

Achieving a therapeutic lifestyle through the First Line Therapy Program. A therapeutic lifestyle means living your life in a way that improves your health. It means making choices every day that will enhance your health, enabling you to achieve a full, healthy life. Isn’t that what everybody wants? Good health, full function, and absence of disease well into old age. If that’s what you want, the First Line Therapy program can help.  Read this newsletter…